Manufacturing Logistics & Warehousing

There are many applications for RFID systems within the supply chain operations of today's companies. Most of these applications require item management information for tracking goods from the component level, through manufacturing and on throughout the supply chain.

RFID solutions offer custom made applications that can be applied in the logistics and warehousing industry. The RFID equipment supplied is usually a pretty standard system, but what makes the system do what you want it to do takes a lot of programming. RFID solutions has a specialized team of programmers that can program applications that makes the RFID equipment perform exactly the way you want it to.

Some of the things that are possible is to:

    • Track the movement of goods

    •  Determine position of goods

    •  Uniquely identify each item

    •  Store information about each individually identified item


The benefits of implementing RFID technology to your warehouse includes:

    • Atomization of processes and reduction of human error
    • Time saving
    • The ability to error-proof shipping
    • Receiving and put-away
    • Improve labour productivity and customer satisfaction
    • Identify location of items

What our Porray-rfid can do is to supply you high-quality rfid sticker or ABS tag. Like: 

Porray-rfid Porray-rfid Porray-rfid

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