Plastic RFID Cable Tie Tag For Asset Management - RI-Z002

Plastic RFID Cable Tie Tag For Asset Management - RI-Z002

RFID Cable Tie Tag is made of robust PP for indoor and outdoor environment. It contains a POCKET, which can be encapsulated with HF or UHF antenna. It is widely used in asset management, logistics, equipment tracking and theft prevention. The durable zip tie design also makes it easy to fasten and provides a visual proof of tampering. 

UHF 860-960MHz RFID Cable Tie Tag for Asset Management

Technical Specification

    - P/N:RI-Z10530

    - Material: pp plastics

    - Dimension: 

1) size of label: 105mm×30mm×2.7mm
2)    size of tie rod: 210L*5.3W*2TH mm 3) Total Length: 315mm

   - Chip:  Alien H3 (other types of chip can be customized)

  - Operating Frequency:  915 MHz (ISO/IEC 18000-6C)

 - Operation temperature:  -30 °C to 85 °C

  Identification Distance: Equipment read range: 10–-12m; handset read range: 2-3m. (reader dependent)

 Tension: 250–-300N

 - Lock force210-230N

◆ Key Features

● Long read range
 ● ISO/IEC 18000-6C compliant
● Waterproof
● High durability and stabilityAnti-collision function
 ● Corrosion protection

◆ Applications
    - Logistics
    - Inventory management
     - Asset tracking
    - Warehouse management

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