RFID Pigeon Ring Tag

RFID Pigeon Ring Tag

This is an animal electronic tag for pigeon racing . 
It is designed as an open loop style tag to wear on pigeon’s foot so as to store and identify every pigeon’s information by RFID Reader. 
An automatic and simple tracking solution can help us avoid human errors and provide reliable data during pigeon tracking / racing event.

RFID Pigeon Ring Tag

Technical Specification
      - P/NRI-PR0910

      - Material: ABS

     - Size9*10mm ,with double click

     - Operation Frequency:  125KHz or 134.2KHZ

     - Chip: Hitags256, EM4305, TK4100 (optional)

     - Packaging: 1000pcs per bag, 1.3kg 

    - Optional Service: write data, laser printing 

Product Feature
   ●  International standard ISO11784/5,
   ●  Readable /  Unique ID for data security
   ●  Waterproof for harsh environment 
   ●  Different colors optional

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