ABS security plastic rfid seal tag Z010

ABS security plastic rfid seal tag Z010

This RFID  Seal Tag is made of robust ABS with a long tie rod for indoor and outdoor application environment. It contains a POCKET,which can be encapsulated with LF or HF antenna.
It is widelt used in various applications, including service & calibration, logistics, asset tracking and cable management. 
The durable seal tag design also makes it easy to permanently install and provides a visual proof of tampering.

                                                                            The best price security plastic rfid seal tag

◆ Technical Specification

    - P/N:RI-Z010

    - Material: ABS 

    - Dimension: 91*28mm, tie rod : 350mm

    - IC Chips: Fudan08、Ntag213 ( optional)

    - Operating Frequency:  125KHz / 13.56MHz

 ◆ Features: 
   -  Easy to fasten       
   -  Durable, Highly visible, waterproof, Anti-corrosion
   -  One-time use         
   -  Faster data collection

 ◆ Applications

    - Logistics
    - Inventory management
    - Asset tracking
    - Warehouse management

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