Disposable pvc RFID Paper wristband (RI-PVC 01)

Disposable pvc RFID Paper wristband (RI-PVC 01)

This RFID Paper wristband tag is designed for healthcare applications such as tracking patients in hospitals and clinics. With soft and flexible PVC material encapsulated,it is waterproof so that can be also widely used for water park and swimming pool etc. RFID  Paper wristbands can provide automated data capture that boosts efficiency and accuracy while reducing costly and dangerous errors.

Disposable pvc RFID Paper wristband (RI-PVC 01)

◆ Technical Specification

    - Material:  soft PVC

    - Dimension:   As shown in figure or customized

    - RFID Chip:  1HF13.56 MHz: FM11RF08、Mifare1 S50、Mifare1 S70、 Mifare Ultralight EV1、NTAG213、I-CODE SLI-X
                             UHF:UCODE GEN2、ALIEN H3、IMPINJ M4

◆ Feature

     • Elasticized and easy to wear
     • Strong, Stretch resistant and waterproof 
     • Adjustable length
     • cost-effective  / disposable / Non-transferable

◆ Applications

     • Hospital Patients Tracking And Identification
     • Access Control for amusement parks, concerts and conference
     • Cashless Payment at entertainment venues

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